When I designed my logo, I made sure it is a logo that simple and straight forward. It communicated who I am, by reflecting my style and my name initials.

Logo of Jaco Roeloffs

The "JR" Monogram Logo

The logo is uncomplicated and a stencil can be made of it easily. I like the logo because it has straight lines, curves and a unique look.

The stencil set design for laser cutting by CNC

The idea of a monogram

I read about marketing and your personal brand and how important it is to promote your personal brand. In the end, you will always have your own name. You build your own legacy with your personal brand. If you are building a buisiness with other invested parties, a generic name is usually chosen, that is not tied to your own name. So in the end it made sense to do something with my initials, a monogram.

Some inspiration for my logo

The logo of Roger Federer was an early inspiration and also a great example of a good logo that is versatile (and easy to stencil in this case).

Roger Federer's Monogram Logo

Making a logo stencil

First I decided what size increments I wanted for my logo. I want to be able to put the logo on various things.

Why I needed a stencil

  • Apply to my work as a signature.
    • In sculpture it’s hard to sign and date.
    • The logo can be etched, printed, screen printed, or used as a recessed imprint into clay, cement or metals.
  • Stencil onto my transport crate panels to identify my property at exhibitions.
  • Identify my Tools.
  • Communicate professionalism and attention to detail.
  • My chosen size increments
    • 550mm square
    • 370mm square
    • 250mm square
    • 170mm square
    • 120mm square
    • 80mm square

Making a production file for a CNC router

Most fabrication companies prefer to work with a DXF File to CNC anything. The order of file preference by fabrication companies (in my experience):

File type required for CNC machining

  1. DXF File
    • Most preferred
  2. DWG File
    • Can work but sometimes there is more work for the fabrication company to do to ensure things are working as intended like lines, curves and fonts.
  3. PDF File
    • This should be OK, but be mindful that the fabrication company might charge you more to convert the file to DXF/DWG.

This is where your part ends. Depending on the CNC machine, the operators still have work to do in terms of entering the shapes into the CNC machine's own proprietary software.

I created my stencil set in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file type.

The stencil set design to be cut from aluminium sheet

Stencils made with the CNC Router

The stencils after they were produced by CNC Router

The stencils are made out out Aluminium Composite Sheet (ACM). However, there are other alternative materials to use like:

  1. Sheet aluminium (price $$$)
  2. Aluminium Composite Sheet (price $$)
  3. Coreflute (price $)

Applying the stencil

I made sure each square around the logo has equal sides, I.E. centered in the square. The reason for this is that when I apply the stencil I want it to be spaced properly. I can work out my distances to the edges of the object easily because the stencil has set sizes. To give you an example, I applied the logo to my sculpture transport crate for the SWELL Sculpture festival 2019.

First I selected a size that would fit the proportions of the panel. Then I placed my logo centered in top part of the panel based on the Golden Ratio.

Storage and Care

I would like these to last me many years so I made sure I store them properly so they can be stored and protected, ready for easy access for future projects.

Storage Box to protect the stencils
Storage Box to protect the stencils