Float is a three-dimensional, kinetic sculpture of an out-sized fishing-line bobber set in water. It interacts and learns from users via text messages and twitter. Users send simple bobbing sequences (@float ...-..--.-) from their memories and past experiences for Float to execute in the water, Float learns, stores and interprets these sequences as the machine learning library grows. Encrusted with submersible LED lights, Float invites curiosity and creates responses to a underwater mystery that feels personal. The sculpture engages viewers in a dynamic and authentic way, combining contemplation and action while sharing intimate moments about the joy and mystery of a fishing experience. Float presents a simple fusion of technology with life, and nature with humanity.

Viewers can dialogue with Float each time it stops, by sending a sequence of dots (short pulls) and hyphens (long pulls) to the sculpture via twitter (@float ...-..--.-). Float in response performs their sequence of bobs followed by its own in a “play of brilliants” in red and white on the rippling water. A visual of the meaningful 10-15second personalized response by Float is sent and becomes part of a collage of images later collated into a mosaic illustration of the ‘mystery fish’ that was pulling on Float.

The installation was proposed for the Amsterdam Light Festival.

float 2

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