THE WALK is a commissioned sculpture for a school in Jimboomba. In synergy with the school’s philosophy, the sculpture embodies the bible story of two disciples in Luke 24:13-35. The sculpture represents their journey with “the stranger”, from Jerusalem to Emmaus, in a west northwest direction with matching topography. The colour values and tones move from dark to light depicting the evolution of the awareness of the two disciples, from despair over Christ's death to faith in his resurrection. Matching the number books of the Bible (66), each triangle has a message and a purpose with the overall shape of the sculpture forming a large “Yellow Star of Bethlehem” flower. This bible story is used to perceive Christian spiritual growth and this sculpture is a visual model for a Christians' own journey to a deeper faith and as an instrument to help others do the same journey.

The Walk

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Aluminium - Clear, Nickel, Grey tones throughout.
Black Mirror - Reflection, doubt, sadness; a sombre beginning.
Black Ceramic - Emptiness, Thrist, Dried mud emphasises drought.
Slate - The cold black and grey stone of the hard road.
Aluminium Spill - Listening, learning; living water.
Shell - The journey; this walk will become a pilgrimage.
Petrified Wood - Nature and the cross.

Yellow Star of Bethlehem - The flora of rural Israel then and today.
Leather - Warmth starting to appear, clothing, shoes and protection.
Mosaic - Colourful mosaics with geometrical patterns and inscriptions in Greek with names in the Roman baths in Emmaus.
Fabric - Jesus is revealed.
Yellow Glass - Jesus is the light; love, faith and hope.

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